The Grand Opening

Hello everyone! Welcome to The Wild Literati and my first blog post!

There are several reasons I decided to start this blog - the first and foremost being to advance my writing skills. I am currently attempting to complete my first novel, and I have never committed to a project as large as this. I have been advised that the goal-setting, accountability, and community support inherent in a blog can all contribute to the success of an author. Try it, they said. Step out of your comfort zone and take it seriously. So here is my blog!

I have read other aspiring author's blogs, and it seems that the majority tend to write about writing. I feel I have very little authority to speak on writing (I write the way the voice in my head tells me to, and have only recently started to learn the actual craft) so if I do write about writing it will generally be personal observations rather than advice.

Instead, I will write about what I care about, what interests me, and what strange things pop into my head. I can tell you that I am interested in wildlife - after all, that is what I am spending my life caring for - so you can expect me to talk about that frequently. I also care about my Christian faith, music, reading, chinchillas, philosophy, and writing! I have no doubt all of these things (and more), will pop up over the course of this blog.

I plan to post at least once weekly, including an update of where I am in the writing process for accountability.

So welcome! I hope you enjoy the ride!