The End in Sight!

Wow, with only 1 weekend day this week, and a serious lack of sleep to contend with, I still managed to get 2 chapters dealt with and 2 sent off for critique. As an added bonus, I made 3 moderately significant additions to my rewrite plan, which seem simple and obvious, but I didn't manage to think of them in time for my first draft. Ah, well!

What I can't believe is that I am now 75% there! Three quarters of the way through the hardest part! Whooo hooo! Six chapters to go in about 18000 words. No problem!

Now, I realize that there is at least 1 major revision in there, then waiting for my beta readers, then another revision (hopefully minor), and then possibly off to agent slush piles. But I choose not to think about all that. When I finish typing that last page and send it off for critique, I'm going to buy myself a Coke. I'll deserve it. Sometimes the best part of life is seeing those mile markers.

But I still have 6 chapters to go, and I'm feeling energetic tonight. So you only get a short, wimpy, content-less post tonight. Too bad for you... or maybe you'll thank me.

Anyhoo... off to write!

Some sort of salamander of the smokey mountains.

A glass lizard - legless lizard - from Naples, FL.

And a cuban treefrog, invasive and relatively destructive species in southern FL. But oooh, their sticky treefroggie toes!!!