Broken Computers and Giant Spiders

I gotta say, a broken computer in this age is a terrible thing. And the only thing wrong with my computer is an inability to connect to the internet. **For those of you wondering how I am writing this, my landlord is a wonderful person and lent me a netbook. What a super nice guy!**

Anyway, I'm not even someone who depends on computers for a large portion of my life - I write, use the various "office" programs, watch Netflix and Hulu, and check my e-mail. That's literally it. I don't really play games, I'm not on forums, and my job is almost completely independent of office work, especially at this time of year.

But I cannot tell you how many times this week I wondered something and literally walked to my computer before realizing I couldn't check my e-mail, get directions, or look up some fact. I had fennel in my house (it came in a local produce box that I get) and I honestly couldn't figure out what to do with it since I couldn't look up a recipe. I got stuck in my revisions when I realized I needed to know some little detail about pre-industrial living, and I couldn't jump online to find out what I wanted to know. It was only small things, but it was still crippling.

One of the things I wanted to know this week was how to keep giant spiders out of my house. Now, I live in a basement, and the front door is not well-sealed. I expect to have to deal with my share of spiders - it is just life. But I am tired of opening my bedroom door in the middle of the night and finding a spider the size of a small dog staring me down. It is just unnerving. And I should be able to keep them out. I don't have a bug problem, I keep the place decently clean. These guys don't even have the sticky feet to allow them to climb walls - they're just enormous hunting spiders that run around on the floor. Don't try to talk me out of my hatred of them by telling me they hunt other spiders, I don't care. I have learned to deal with smaller spiders. I draw the line when I can see the murderous look in their eyes.

So I decide to look up barrier sprays and sealing treatments for my door. I have seen the Rambo-spiders enter through my front door, so I think stopping them there will go a long way towards keeping them out. Now, I don't like using pesticides, and I don't really think they work effectively. But it is an option, and I want to look up the pros and cons, how long they last, and what effect my use of them might have on me, my pets, and my immediate environment. But I can't, because no computer. So now my purchase of spider-stopping materials must wait - and meanwhile my homeland security has been jeopardized. I am completely vulnerable to spider-terrorist attacks. I don't know how I'll manage to carry on until my new computer arrives.

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