Off the Rails

Well, this week went off the rails...

I planned to finish the polish of King's Mark by now, but that didn't happen. I managed to maintain steam through illness early on, but events later in the week sapped my energy. Sadly, I lost momentum.

Writing is different and enjoyable enough that most of the time it helps me divert my energy and focus off of things I would otherwise worry about. But although I could find the time this week, I couldn't summon the energy or focus I needed. None of my usual techniques helped - I just kept dwelling on things I couldn't change. So I guess I still need to develop discipline!

Last night I decided to bow before the onslaught. I went to bed early and ended up sleeping through my 3 alarms this morning and missing church (I thought at first the alarms hadn't gone off, and then they went off again - they were still on the snooze repeat). I didn't even try to write or edit today, instead I hung out with some friends and did mindless things like watch TV.

Tomorrow is the beginning of a new week, and I'll get back on the horse. I feel pretty good about that plan. I think sometimes the healthiest thing to do is to stop struggling against yourself and take some space to breathe.

Anyway, watch for the joyous announcement regarding King's Mark sometime this week.