Well hi!

I've been a bit unpredictable recently, sorry about that. I intend to get back to posting weekly from now on, so hopefully the rest of life will fall in line.

Things have been crazy for the past month or so. Mostly that means harmless, fun things, like Norwescon or helping my dad get ready to move. There was also sickness, which thankfully has retreated so that only a lingering cough remains. Work is officially back in "summer" mode, which means I'm getting used to 5 8-hour days and fluctuating shift times again. Last week I took the rehab exam to hopefully get my name added to our permits. I'm pet-sitting a house full of animals, including a parrot, who just happens to be my best parrot-friend ever.

I planted a garden, and in an effort to distract myself from the one nasty thing that's been going on that I'm not able to tell you about here, I learned all about orchids and got myself one. Hobbies in general keep me from fixating on negative things, and new hobbies are like crack when I first start them up... I'm happy to report it was a highly effective distraction.

As for the writing, here's the rundown:

King's Mark is currently still awaiting agent response. I've got 4 rejections on it, which means I need to pull out the next 4 on my list and send it to them. However, I had some comments on my first chapter that I am attempting to incorporate, but I think I'm burned out on revisions. So I'm going to wait for a little while and hopefully recharge my revision batteries.

Thieves is ticking along, slow and steady. I haven't been able to give it the time I want to, but I got some work done on it. I'll get the next chapter or two out to my critique group next week.

And that, my dearies, is all I have to report. Next week, I'll post something a little more fun and exciting - hopefully something wildlife related. Until then, stay sweet!