A Week of Goal-Meeting

Well, today will be a light post, I think. I originally had some thoughts on how I use writing advice, because I feel like I use it a little differently than tradition dictates. But I've been sick this weekend, so my brain is fuzzy with meds and sleep and IT Crowd. Besides, I don't have a lot of energy to be thoughtful.

It's been a good week, despite ending in sick. I set myself some goals, and I'm proud to report I managed to meet them. Mostly.

I like visual/physical demonstrations of goal completion, so I decided that this week, I would put a sticker on my calendar each day I met my goals. Why should kindergarteners be the only ones that get to use stickers for personal fulfillment?

Here's a pic of my week:

Isn't it shiny colorful wonderful?

The stars stand for food goals (I am trying to change some of my eating habits) and the smiley faces are for writing goals. I still believe that writing every day may not be for me, but I'm going to try it for a while. You'll probably notice that not every day has a pair of stickers, but overall I'm quite pleased. Improvement isn't black and white; I didn't fail just because I didn't succeed 100%.

I hear it is always easier when you first start, and it takes like 40 days to embed a new habit. But I'm just going to take it a little at a time. Plus, it helps that the goals themselves are relatively small (write something, period. Even a sentence, and I get a sticker. Realistically though, who can write just a sentence and walk away?).

Once these get easier, I'll add others. Soon, I'm going to take on my caffeine habit - that will be pawprint stickers, I already have them picked out. But I'm only going to go through withdrawal once, so when that happens, that HAPPENS.

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