Readings and Rejections

Whew. That was quite the break.

I'm alive and whole and working, I just fell off the blog-wagon. Sometimes in life, you have to focus on the higher priorities to the detriment of other things. Not that updating this blog isn't my top priority... far from it...

Thieves reached the 1/3 mark sometime this past week. Things are trucking along, not quickly, but steadily. That seems to be the way this one is going to go, from start to finish. I've come to accept that.

This week was a thrilling week in the writing segment of my life. First, I did my first reading! A fellow Wordslinger, Andrew Rosenberg hosted a "writer's party" for members of the Redmond Roaring Writers and Cloud City Wordslingers (my writing group). Basically, we brought friends and family, had some fun and talking and pizza, and then had the opportunity to practice giving readings.

I was super-proud of the other writers, particularly the ones I know from the Wordslingers. Everyone did amazing. They gave me a lot to live up to, which added to my nerves. But in the end... I did it.

Although I don't particularly like it, I've done my share of public presentation. I've been a tour-guide and a trainer. I presented my undergrad thesis at a real-life scientific symposium, as well as in front of our biology department faculty. I've called 80 children in off a playground with one mighty bellow. A couple years ago I spoke at NWRA on wildlife nutrition, and if all goes well, I'll be doing several more talks when it comes to Portland in February. I was uncomfortable through most of this, but I found that as long as I know my material really well, I could suck it up and get it done.

Reading my own work was a different experience than any of that. More nerve-wracking, for one. Scarier - there's a vulnerability to reading your own composition. There's no company shield to hide behind. Definitely more exciting. Although I was shaking the whole time, I had fun. I left elated and pleased.

I kind of want to do it again. Maybe I'll try to put together an audio file for the blog so those of you who live far away can mock me. But I have to wait for a while - I was inspired to send the story back out (after 4 rejections, I slacked off submitting that story). So I can't do anything with it until it gets rejected again.

That brings up the other thrilling development from this week - I got my first personalized rejection! It doesn't say anything special or spectacular. It's not going to help me crack the biz or even fix my story. But it is encouraging. :)

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