Title Shenanigans

Time for another mid-NaNo report!

I completed another couple scenes, bringing me up to 85% through the book. And we're into the real fun now - without giving anything away, it's all life, death, and explosions. Super fun!

To be honest, I was less productive than I hoped to be, but I have a few days off now and I should be able to make up some ground.

BUT, on one of my off days I figured out the titles for this trilogy!

First off, I chose the working title "Thieves of Moirai" because I thought "Thieves of Fate" was probably taken and I needed something to fill the gap while I came up with something better (search Moirai in Greek mythology to get the reference. I always knew it wouldn't stick, 'cause it is secondary world with no Greece). But I think I'll keep "Thieves of Fate" as the trilogy name. I searched it, and miracles of miracles, I can't find any books with that title. Besides, it fits.

Now for the big reveal... drumroll... the first book of the Thieves of Fate trilogy is called... A CLIFF WITH NO EDGE. Don't worry, when you read the book, you'll understand how utterly perfect this title is. Not to sound conceited...

If you ask me in person, I'll tell you the other two titles. I just don't want to announce titles for projects I haven't even started yet. Call me superstitious, I guess.

I'm terrible with titles. Mostly I stick with pretty straightforward statements. I mean, how creative is "King's Mark" (speaking of, if you have a suggestion for a better title, I'll take it). So having three that I'm really happy with is quite an accomplishment. I've been living in the glow for days.

Well, that's all I've got for now. Check back in December, I've actually got a few blog topics planned out, so I'll be talking about stuff that isn't all my projects. :)

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