King's Mark Launched!

My novel King's Mark is now available!  If you like magic, adventure, and a touch of steampunk (or if you're simply interested in what I've spent the last two years working on) you should check it out!

Nearly a century ago, the immortal King disappeared. Now, his Marked servants are hunted as demons and his land is falling into chaos. Three Marked have survived: a sheltered river princeling, an exiled mercenary, and a charismatic street urchin. Faced with overwhelming odds and blessed - or cursed - with a magic they cannot control, these three must fight to save the people and land they love.

Right now King's Mark is available in any format from Smashwords and for Kindle at Amazon.  It will be available from Barnes and Noble, Apple, and just about every other ebook vendor (in many countries) within the next week.

I also want to send a huge thank-you to everyone who has helped me along the way!  You are all incredible, and this would not have happened without you.  If you want to continue to help me, please feel free to use (and distribute) the coupon code below to get a free copy of the book from Smashwords, and leave me an honest review on the site of your choosing.  At this point, reviews are worth far more than treasure - even if they aren't entirely positive - so be candid!

Coupon for FREE ebook of King's Mark: VP62E (expires 5/22/13)

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