July Already?!

You see that interrobang in the title?  Yeah, that's right.  I'm a little shocked to realize my last post was back in May.

Not that I'm a reliable poster, I never really intended to be, but still.  That's a long break!  Especially when I left you with a promise for other posts in the critiquing series.  That's actually part of why I haven't posted.  Those posts require research, thought, and revision, and I've not been up to tackling that.

It's been a weird month.  I have gotten very little accomplished.  I stalled out on my Cliff rewrites.  I didn't feel like I had anything worth saying via social media.  I struggled to keep up with and attend crit group.  I didn't do much of anything writing-related, actually.

I could blame work - summers there are nuts, and kind of suck the energy from me - but that would be a cop out.  I could blame the nice weather and my obsessive tendency, which recently latched on to my garden (hey, I could post on that!) - but that isn't right either.  And I could blame King's Mark, as the launch sucked me back in time and broke my concentration.


I just stopped and started wandering around.  I just read The War of Art by Steven Pressfield, which talked a lot about fear.  Maybe I was letting my fears surrounding the current project get in the way.  I have high hopes for Cliff, and other people seem to share those hopes, and that's a little intimidating.  Or maybe I lost balance for a while, focusing on some recent personal/job-related difficulties overwhelm me.  Probably both.

But now I'm going to get back on the horse.

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